50 thoughts on “Full Exercise Video for Fat Burning Workout | 35-Minute Straight Up Strength Training

  1. SOS week 1, day 6 complete! What a great workout! I alternated between 10 and 15 pound dumbbells as my heavy weights, and used 8 lb. dumbbells for my light weights. As we were doing the chest presses, I was thinking back to when I first started working out with you. At that time, I could barely press my 5 lb. weights without my arms wobbling back and forth; today, I was pressing 15 pounds, and I felt really good–I only wobbled on the last 2 or 3 of the second round. Tomorrow, I stretch,and then on to week 2 of SOS!

  2. I enjoyed this workout so much the last time that I decided to come right back to it today! It's such a great strength workout that also works the whole body. Today, I used my 15# weights as my heavy weights, and I moved up from my 8# weights to my 10# weights for my light weights. After the first set of kickbacks with the 10# weights, I wondered if I would be able to do two sets without dropping down, but I just decided not to switch out, and I finished strong! Using the heavier weights showed me that my right arm is definitely stronger than my left arm (at least the triceps are), so I know at least one area that needs some extra work. Great workout,Jessica!

  3. This workout was saved in my 'favorites' folder, but it had been awhile since I had done it. There was a time when I was using 8# weights for my heavy set and 3# weights for my light set with most of your workouts. Today, I used my 8# set for my lighter weights, and I might be ready to move up to the 10# ones soon. Since 15# is the heaviest weight I have, I used those and felt good about it–I was able to complete all the reps and keep up. When I first started working out with you, Jessica, I can remember using 8# weights for chest presses in your various videos—and my arms were wobbly! Today, 15# felt good! Thank you for showing me that weight training can be fun!

  4. This is great! I have been following your workouts since I was pregnant and I did the prenatal workouts. Now I am 7.5 months postpartum and stuck at the last 10 lbs. I feel so much better doing this!

  5. I love this exercise! I have been able to upgrade my weights again!! A question, when doing the triceps kickback, does it make a difference if the wrists turns upward as the arm goes back or just stay facing toward my body? My triceps are getting into good shape and I want to continue to strengthen them.
    Thanks Jessica!!!

  6. Still love this workout! It's a killer! Still used my 5# and 8# weights, which are still a good amount. My legs still shake on those plie squats! And, I was still a little bit sore from doing the MetCon 5 the other day. And I'm sure I'll be feeling this tomorrow! Thanks!

  7. This was a great upper body workout i could feel it working the hole time i am sore already. I worked up a great sweat and feeling good afterwords Thanks for working out with me today jessica.

  8. Whew! I noticed this time around on this workout my back and arms felt so much stronger on the deadlifts, but strangely enough my hands felt like they were going to separate from my wrists and fall to the floor with the weights still in them! I love this workout, though, and every reminder you give during the reps is right on for me (don't round your back, keep your knees slightly bent, etc.). Thank you for putting this on the weekly email workout list!!

  9. First time doing this workout, and I loved it! Really tough, but I feel great having accomplished it! I used 5# and 8# weights, which were just about right. My legs were shaking by the plie squats! I think I will be feeling this over the next couple days! Good thing I have a stretching routine scheduled for tomorrow! Thanks again, Jessica!

  10. I have a cold and only workout once this week. I did this workout with the mindset that if I needed to end it early I could. Well, to my surprise, I made it through to the end and sweated more than usual. Maybe this was the cold leaving my body. I feel great and I am glad I did it.

  11. This was great! Hey Jessica do you think that you could do a quick workout with just glute bridges!? I hear that they really work and are great for people with weak knees. There are never enough reps in total body workouts. PLEASE!!!

  12. Phew…this is my new favorite!!! I feel amazing accomplishing that workout with heavy weights. I would never have challenged myself that hard on my own, so thank you for the instruction and encouragement!

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