36 thoughts on “30 minute rebounding with AChampion

  1. Excellent, excellent work, Arnita! First time here, just subscribed… I came upon your video, and I love your chorreography… Congrats & cheers… You are very Professional!

  2. Brilliant, didn't think i would do the whole thing but i did an i feel good 🙂 thanks for this, its my first time ever trying this trampoline exercise but i reckon i'll be doing this loads!

  3. This is so great, Arnita; only it absolutely is worth having someone mike (microphone) you professionally. … Of course, this is so your followers (me & others) can hear you clearly with no problem, and your voice instructions are not competing with your great music track. I'm a trampoline "addict," so I will check back for more videos from you! Where are you based? Peace!

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