38 thoughts on “40-Minute Seated Chair Cardio and Strength Workout

  1. great workout!
    I have a severe muscle strain in my calf so I cannot follow my normal training routine.
    Before getting crazy from sitting around I found this workout and the other two seated ones and now I think I will survive the next couple of weeks of being "grounded".
    Thanks so much Jessica!

  2. Had knee surgery a month ago and have done your workout a few times. It feels good to get my heart rate up a bit. I appreciate your video and humor a lot. Thank you!

  3. This looks like something I can do and modify with my foot broke. I need to move my back. All this immobility is killing me. This looks great and I am going to try, but that music is annoying. It is almost louder than you.

  4. 6 days out from ACL reconstruction and losing my mind. As much as I normally hate aerobics routines, this workout has really helped body and mind. Will be part of my daily recovery routine. Thank you.

  5. Jessica – am a beginner/intermediate cyclist. Can do up to 100 miles/day. But out of biking for 3 weeks and another 6 weeks. Tried this and one more video for first time. I never workout (except bike). Shoulders are bit sore. Any recommendations? Also, any leg exercise for cyclist with injured toe? Great video Jess! Will do this and hoping for less soreness 🙂

  6. Recovering from ACL surgery, and after doing much searching for seated chair exercise, I'm really grateful to have found a chair teacher that is creative, interesting, and challenging. I appreciate you're ability to lead a class that is worth taking, even on a chair. Thank you. 🙂

  7. Both of my knees are injured and those injuries seemed to have evolved into arthritis. It has been really challenging for me to get a intense enough workout in this state which has been depressing (I was pretty active before the injuries). I find this to be an excellent workout! I'm just not sure I can stand the music. The tempo is much too fast at times and I find it distracting/annoying. Perhaps I can do this without audio once I learn the moves.

  8. I can't put any weight on my foot and was itching to get off the couch. I LOVED this and would recommend it to anyone with a lower body injury. At first I was worried it would be like the workouts you see elderly people doing, but this was perfect for someone who is already familiar with a more rigorous program.

  9. I knew I could count on JessicaSmith TV for this type of workout. I fell the other day spraining my knee but I am going to go nutty if I can't exercise. I will modify some moves but looking forward to this workout. Thank you!

  10. I've been enjoying this one lately, Jessica. I broke my knee and 3 ribs, so I'm so limited as to what exercises I can do. I was so thrilled to see my favorite figure 8 arms in there (although I can't twist very far, Ha Ha.)

  11. Jessica you r superb…..my doctor suggest me to loss weight for pregnency ……your exercise may help me lot….if you have any more advises to loss weight so plz share with …..thanks alot

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