25 thoughts on “Fat Burning Butt and Thigh Workout – Strength Training Sweatfest for People Who Get Bored Easily

  1. thank you Kelli I am getting back into fitness and I appreciate your videos. They help me get motivated and I love the butt ones…thank you…this one is hard.

  2. just finished one of fitness blenders 37 min. hiit workout and this butt and thigh workout. my first time ever doing the heel taps. I really liked them but I wasn't able to get my thighs off of the floor as much. anyways, im trying to make a schedule for the week using different videos for different body parts, if you have any suggestions on a schedule please let me know !

  3. Hi there! So I went to do my FB30 workout but your website wouldn't load. So, I hopped on to YouTube and searched for one of your lower body strength videos and choose this one. HOLY COW was this tough! I really enjoy this format and you pushed me farther than I thought I could go! Will let you know how the legs feel tomorrow! Thanks for a great, sweaty workout!!

    UPDATE: Legs a little sore the day after! I did to extra, and long stretches, post workout, tho! Looking forward to doing this one again sometime! TY Kelli!

  4. Loved this! One of my favs! How many times a week do u recommend hiit? Also is it ok to do different hiit routines, switching things up a bit? Or is it better to stick to the same ones for a couple of weeks and switching things up every couple of weeks? Thanks

  5. WOW!!! I've been doing fitness blender for a long time. I'm in good shape and can do almost all the advanced options. THIS ALMOST KILLED ME. I was gonna do it twice through but sccrrreeeeewwwwww that!!! Added this one to my favourites.

  6. I only have 10lbs per hand (induvidual weights are so expensive) and power blocks are £140-£350! what can I do to make this more intense with a similar time frame? 🤔

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