1. what i noticed is that all the power punchers don't vocalize or grunt when they punch(kovalev, GGG, tyson, etc.) whereas it's the soft punchers that are the noisiest(mayweather, ward, etc.)

  2. I'm no expert but I wouldn't say ward has one of the very best techniques in the game. But he definitely has one of the best temperaments and great discipline. I fancy a ward points win or late stoppage potentially

  3. You know what always confuses me, as a fighter myself(compete in amateurs) my coaches always would tell me, and even now way down the line emphasize when I hit the bag that my punches should always snap, and that the bag shouldn't move much cuz if it was it meant I was pushing punches which is bad. But then I see some top level fighters like Ward who hit the bag in a way that makes it move around a lot. Is there any reason for the differences with shit like that

  4. Ward is the difference in this fight. He's taking a huge chance fighting" The Krusher" but Ward is very determined to take those belts from him. I see lots upset dealing with Ward's power coming from occasional boxing fans and enthusiast. Ward will keep Kovalev busy with his educated footwork. We know when Kovalev gets too close Ward will smother him and keep the fight in the inside mostly every round. There is no way Ward should masterfully control the range when Kovalev know how to maintain himself from getting hit inching his lead foot cutting distance off. This fight need to be inside most of the time, Kovalev will rarely get his power off, because Ward will be the difference in this fight.

  5. the only clean shots wards gets is on this heavy bag. November 19 he will lose and then retire or go back to fighting tomato CANs. Hope ward does not get hurt to bad.

  6. I just hope he doesn't start with the headbut the excessive clinching holding and wrestling there is a reason why he doesn't sell tickets anyway I'm a big boxing fan I don't give a shit who wins or loses it doesn't put any money in my pockets or change my life I just want to see a good clean exciting fight

  7. Shows how much people are into boxing when they say son of golovkin even tho golovkin ducked ward for a whole year, golovkin was busy calling out floyd and floyd said I dare you to call out Andre ward see what happens, little G didn't have the balls because he knows what he's up against, that's a another big fight that the world needs to see but little G needs to get his shit together and stop acting like the A side fighter all the time sorry Abel but it's true. Canelo is the A side at the moment the fight is on his terms until you beats him he's done more in the sport than golovkin. Like floyd and de la Hoya, floyd went in the B side fighter beat Oscar and became the A side, that's the problem with the sport is that fighter are thinking there floyd or de la Hoya or Roy Jones or sugar ray Leonard or sugar ray Robinson or Muhammad Ali, but they've not done anything in the sport don't get me wrong GGG looks like a monster when he fights, but the names on his record are terrible probably because most fighter didn't want to fight him but now after the brook fight when he showed a bit of weakness everybody kinda want the fight and that's boxing of this day and age some up in one. But fair play to ward and kavolev one of the biggest fights of this generation thank for making it happen makes me proud to be a fan of the sport, everything is on the time but my money's on ward he's just a different beast all together head above the rest P4P number one just watch the chad Dawson fight and you'll see what I'm on about

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