31 thoughts on “15min FAT BURNER WORKOUT | Full Body At Home HIIT Workout

  1. I was feeling pretty lethargic today, so I thought: Hey, let's do a Sezzy 15min workout to pump me up. Must say, this one was THE HARDEST out of the three, and I LOVED IT. Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. Well, what can I say. I LOVE ❀️ this workout! I'm a 54 year old, African-British fitness junkie Who is obsessed with exercise. Love the music and the moves, they are challenging but do-able. I do this with other workouts to make 30mins. Keep up the good work can we have some more, maybe a 30 min, I would sooo do that.

  3. I love these videos because i prefer working out with someone else and although its a person on a tiny screen it gives me 10x more motivation to workout and it pushes me to work even harder. PLEASE MAKE MORE OF THESE!!!

  4. First time viewer- I needed a quick ass kicker because I missed my gym session. I did 4 of these back to back and now I am a subscriber! THIS IS SOME GOOD SHIT! You are the bomb- I look forward to working out with your videos again tomorrow night! Thanks girl!

  5. SH*T BALLZ!!!!!!!!!!!! 15mins is PERFERCT for me as I have a one year old who just wont let me do Anything! As soon as I am on the floor she straight away climbs on top of me! So thank you for this, Im red as a tomato puffing like crazy

  6. loved it! second time trying it and now I got the crab thing down! yes! But Sarah, the shoulder knee in jumps in second circuit… I can't do as fast as you and im worried its not good enough to be slow if i wanna burn fat via HIIT. Should I focus more on technique or speed? If i go fast I can't jump in all the way like you….?

    Advice anyone/

  7. I love your videos you make it so easy I did the other video 15 min workout I conquer that I lost about 8 pounds the 2 weeks or less tikme actually love love. Definitely doin this one

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