30 thoughts on “40-Minute Full-Body Workout | Class FitSugar

  1. Loving this!! Finally getting back fitness & flexibility I had years ago. The yogic stretches at the end are great too. I'm almost 56 now and feel better than I have for a long time so thankyou!!

  2. One of my fave work outs!!! I feel like I'm getting the perfect balance of attention on all the right areas, without over doing it. I don't feel like I'm dying when I go through this video, I just feel awesome! Great job ladies!!!😄

  3. I LOVEDDDDD ITTTT. Thank you so much Ana and to your two other Fit Companions too. I finally can do a Workout to the end without getting bored and with Sweating a bucket out. Thank You. Thank you. Thank You.

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