36 thoughts on “Intense Training ★ Super Cardio Workout (best & effective exercises)

  1. so basically i ve stopped working out for quite a while already n then i started looking for trainer with the body type i want the mosttt n here i m 🙂 i will def try this out! hopefully i can b just as good lookin as u are soon! 🙂 much support x

  2. WOOO! I luv dat workout! It was hard and challenging, but I did it!! 1 step closer to my goal!!! YEAHHH BUDDIII! To those who said they cant complete the whole workout, yes you can. You gotta push yourself! And think of that body you want! Think of your goals! This was my 1st time doing this workout, and i completed it! & I'm obese. You can do this!!! x

  3. it will help you a lot 🙂 It can be too intense in the beginning so pace yourself and rest if needed. Do as much as you can. don't forget to combine it with a healthy diet. Good LUCK!

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