35 thoughts on “30 Minute Fat Burning Legs Sculpt – Lower Body Toning HIIT Workout With Light Dumbbells

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  2. Another awesome workout! It was hard, but I feel like I accomplished something. And, I really appreciate that you are actually doing the workout with us and showing some struggle to get through it, too! That's actually really motivating! Thanks!

  3. Omg! I thought after this workout I can do something else after all it was only 30 minutes. Boy, I was fooling myself, as I write this my legs were shaking. Thanks for the workout, you are the real MVP!

  4. Hey bro! Nice work, just a quick question, I dropped 40 pounds 2 years ago and I got them back in this year, it feels awful and I want to start getting in shape again, I used to do a lot of Hiit and I recently tried to do a workout and couldnt keep on, what do you think I should start with?

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