12 thoughts on “Intense Interval Training Workout to Improve Speed and Endurance, 30 minutes

  1. Thank You for your workouts I have to design some workouts for my fitness class and you guys help a lot in guidance and giving me many ideas. I have those apps they work great. Once again thank you.

  2. day two of my boot camp and i feel it- thank you for this- sending in my pics so you can see my results- only on 2 two hitting this routine tonight before bed with some meditation and yoga( first i must put my 3 little ones to bed) any suggestions on working out while fighting a cold a feel one coming on

  3. Moira, I love your workouts! They get my hear pumping and they're a perfect at-home workouts for when I'm either too busy or too lazy to go to the gym. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for this workout! I'm a runner, but I'm in a season of life (small children, less than ideal living location, etc.) where it is very hard for me to get out to run. I really wanted to find a video that would give me a similar workout to a 30 minute run and I think this does very nicely. Please upload more advanced cardio videos!

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