20 thoughts on “30 Min. STRONGER: KILLER Legs Dumbbell Workout | HIIT/STRONGER: Day 16

  1. Maaaaan, my butt has been yelling at me all day! Yesterday before my kids woke up, I completed this video and the all over abs. I still had a little energy left in me to burn off, so I (attempted because this video already had my legs burning) Shaun t's Friday fight night round 2! I really loved combining both of you together. I know you base some videos off of him, and it definitely is amazing! Thanks for a great pump mill 💪

  2. Fantastic routine! While I know plyo and bodyweight are great tools for burning calories, I love using weights. It makes me feel more accomplished, and it's a good way to measure progress by being able to up the weight as you progress. As tough as this one was, it flew by and the challenges were awesome. Thanks for putting so much time and energy into these videos. They really are encouraging. Peace.

  3. Wow! I did this STRONGER workout right after the HIIT, as usual, but this workout was something else! My legs got SUPER TIRED not even half way through!!! I've got to work on holding doing on those wall squats! Just love this workout!

  4. oh our black swan, i think that it was a very good idea not to put the booty builders as the last move! it's better for the proper form!
    And what's up with your kettlebell? Is it gathering dust in the corner?! You could do a STRONGER or even HIIT wo with it for butt and legs. Next Teusday?! Hmmmm? What do you think?

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