49 thoughts on “30 Minute HIIT Tabata Workout for Fat Loss & Strength: High Intensity Interval Training Home Routine

  1. Did this workout today and my goodness my whole body was shaking before it ended. Extremely intense.

    I also had a quick question the calories burned i dnt get how one side says 200 and one says 400 how do u know how much u actually burned.

  2. This kicked my a**. I love your workouts. The pep talks keep me motivated to complete the work out. Easy moves I can do but the reps and weights make them INTENSE! Thank you Coaches! Looking fwd. to completing all the routines.

  3. I loved this tabata workout. I'm definitely going to use this workout once a week for awhile. I love you guys so much and you inspire me to get up and workout every day 😜😜😜😜😜

  4. Awesome workout! Instead of going swimming, I will follow your Cardio-focused work out programs. This really saves my time and I believe more effective! Thank you for your video. Thumbs UP !!!

  5. This is an amazing workout, I did it for the first time today and I've been doing Johannas strength training which is based on Tabata method too but she calls it super sets. I really feel the burn and loved the workout, do this workout and know that it is amazing for you but do not focus on calorie count because it would not be accurate for everyone. I am a lot smaller than the girl so I will burn way less calories, similarly someone bigger than her would lose more calories and same goes for the guy in this video. I felt super hot, sweaty and warm after the workout so I know that it was amazing!!!!

  6. I can not seem to find where I went to print the May calendar. I'm wanting to print June. Would you mind sending me the link for the calendars? I am such an airhead. Thank you!

  7. love the encouraging words throughout the video! A few times I wanted to stop then you guys remind me why I started and I get right back into it! love your channel and what you guys are doing. you've got a new subscriber!! ☺☺

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