Wingogo Cooling Gym Sweat Towel Special Microfibres Super Absorbant for Soaking up Sweat and Instant Relief from Over Heating during Intense Exercise for All Sports and Exercise

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1. Strong dirt repellent, convenient and save the worry, clean, soft and smooth texture, like the “silk and satin”
2. Good air permeability, water absorption and quick-drying is strong, cotton products 1.5 times, known as the “breathing” fiber
3. Lasting antibacterial, bactericidal rate of 75%, green environmental protection, ability to resist ultraviolet cotton was 417 times
4. Perfect for travel, outdoor, camping, hiking, swimming and sports!

Technical specifications:
Material: 45% Polyester; 55% Nylon / Polyamide
size: 100×30 cm
Revolutionary coolcore fabric technology cools your body temperature by up to 30%
The towel instantly drops 20c cooler than the outside temperature when wet keeping you cool up to 2 hours
LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT – it can be easily stored in a small bag or in your hand luggage, taking up much less space compared to a regular towel. Great to lighten the load when using as a gym towel, sports towel or to take with you on holiday.
Soak in water wring out excess and shake for 5 seconds .Breathable holes allow cold air to pass through.You will feel the instant relief as you wrap it around your neck or chosen body part?
Cool towel consists of a combination of chemical-free blended yarns that keep you cooler for longer, unlike other cheap sweat-wicking fabrics that rely on chemicals or polymer crystal treatments that degrade over time,

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