50 thoughts on “‘BEAST MODE’ | Position Music | Epic Badass Workout Music Mix for 1 Hour

  1. Why is it so much of this so called gym music is like listing to a bad B-rated super hero movie . If kats like Arnold Ronny , Lee haney and Lou would have listen to this theatrical bullshit they'd still be getting sand kicked in there face . This shit makes me want to watch TV and i dont even own a f-n TV !

  2. Dont tell me people are doing fitness on that kind of music lol… must be so ridiculous with their milksakes prot' and amphetamines injections XD.. I imagine them thinking they are half-gods XD XD

  3. This ist just perfect. I found it by Accident but what can i say. The next Time i went to the Gym i turned it on….MORE POWER!!!

    I just wished you could make a lot more of those.

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