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  1. elsalamu alikeum brother and sister can you help me please I have tics in my back and abdomen l hope read the massage I am sorry I can't speak English perfect because I am coming Egypt

  2. This is such a great workout! I was having a hard time looking for a strength training for beginners, as I wasn't sure if I should give it a go. But thanks to this, I can easily follow the exercises and you guys even put the calories burned! Thank you so much!

  3. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis on my spine recently and I'm not sure which of your weight exercises is good for me. I've been doing your 30 min back and bicep and the 30 min beginner weight training for beginners. Not sure if these are okay. thanks.

  4. I want to thank you for this video. In the last 6 months, I have lost 14 kgs, and 3 weeks ago I started doing these sets twice a week, and I'm already seeing so many results. At the start, I could not do one push up, so I hated the shoulder tap set and the planking. But now, I can already do a halve of a push up, and I'm starting to love the shoulder taps – my core is so much stronger, and my legs have never been tighter. So thank you so much, this is the first video ever that gives me these results!

  5. Hi Coach and Claudia:) i would like to do this exercise, would you recommend it being a sort of daily workout? Or should I pair it with some other type of workout as well? And how many days should I workout a week?
    Thanks!!! 😛

  6. Loooove this workout! It was just the right intensity for me! I've been looking for an arm workout that I could do on a regular basis without dreading it and I finally found the perfect one. Thank you both for this awesome video! I am now a subscriber!

  7. (long post) After finally finding motivation to work out again, I grabbed my old workout DVD's and began searching online too. I "discovered" your videos and have been doing some of your workouts for 3 days.Then I decided to give a try to one of your fitness programs (The Foundation Program) I started today and will be posting updates of my results :-). Goal: to lose at least 15 kg (better 20 or even 25!) My current weight is (i am almost ashamed to say it, and it was a shock to see it on the scale) 97,5 kg for a length of 1,66 m. Yes, there's work to do for me. I had never had problems with my weight, till I got pregnant. Then I gained more than 25 kg and went from 60 kg to 87 (from EU sizes 36/38 to 44/46) I remember looking at myself in the mirror and not believing what I saw. Using workout videos and healthy eating I managed to lose most of the weight, but then I got pregnant again and put on around 20 kg. Your work is amazing and the motivation is wonderful. I can't thank you enough, coach Kozak and Claudia. Greetings from Holland!

  8. loved the cooldown after!!! i have to admit I usually just collapse after i'm done (especially with that plank!! haha) but the cooldown really helped come down after the intensity of the workout. Also love claudia being included. Now if I can't do the hardest version of a something I still feel I'm apart of the workout and getting something done.

  9. Hi, on the top left side of the screen two sets of figures show the number of calories being burnt. does the left figure refer to the modified version and the right figure the actual exercise

  10. I'm going to start to begin my workout to loose some weight and gain muscle. Should I start out with the shorter workout videos and make my way up to the longer workouts?

  11. Hello Brother, you guys are responding to each and every comment or question, which is so great. I am a mom of one, who is trying to lose 40 lbs before end of this year, would you advice me to do cardio and this strength training at the same time or start strength training after losing 10 or 20 pounds just be doing cardio. which would be more effective in burning fat? Please advice. Secondly, for a beginner like me, how much weight (dumbbells) would you suggest? Thank you.

  12. In the web site instructions says that I have to do 2 reps of each exercise, that means I have to repeat the video once its ended so 2 rounds are done? I've been doing your videos but I didn't realize I had to do two reps. Am I right or it's ok to just do this video along with you?

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