11 thoughts on “* Super Sweaty STEPPER for LEGS + BUTT | Lower Body CARDIO + STRENGTH Workout

  1. Hi Paula I want to ask you about something.. I have a lot of accumulated fats in the lower part of the body and I want to lose weight.. I started doing cardio and strength training about 13 weeks ago, and I'm not losing weight at all.. a friend told me that I'm not losing weight because mu muscle mass is increasing and she also said that I should do pure cardio until I reach 3 or 4 kg's less than my goal weight then do strength training and gain those 3 or 4 kg's .. so is this the right way to lose weight and shape my body or not?

  2. I love to see this in 10 minute tuesday maybe in combination with dumbells step ups with shoulderpress or renegade rows on the step.totalbody madness 🙂

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