38 thoughts on “32-Minute Abs & Butt Workout For A Round Booty & A Flat Stomach – Bodyweight Only No Equipment

  1. Those were some of my favorite ab exercises with my least favorite narrator. He never said when to finish each exercise and simply said "breathe" instead of saying when to inhale and exhale. Instead of explaining the exercises he just said which muscles they strengthened. :/

  2. I scanned this workout first, and almost didn't do it, because it "looked" too easy for me. I was wrong. I am glad I went ahead and did it. I think I got fooled by the cadence because it was so smooth. She does the exercises with such control and presence that I experienced a level of difficulty that I couldn't initially see, but could definitely feel early on. The only move I had to modify was the back roll because it was a little tweaky on my neck. I adored the last 2 moves which were unique variations and twisty in all the right ways. In a fitness world where extreme movement and constant action are the drawing card, this one was a welcome surprise. A definite keeper. Thank you!

  3. Can this be done daily? Can I increase the reps to say 60 of each and do just 1 set, I hate repeating the set over and over I just want to do it and get it done and move on to the next exercise.

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