45 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN MY FRIDGE | My Diet & Staples + INTENSE Workout

  1. I feel like you don't have full mobility in your legs because I never see you fully lock out your knees and in all your photos you look like your knees are SUPER sore or you can't move them. Not trying to be rude I'm just wondering

  2. can you do a video about how you found out so much about food because i would love to know more about food and what it does to us but im not sure what sought of things i should know more about

  3. I cannot tell you how refreshing it was seeing a fitness guru truly challenged by their workout. I am so used to seeing other fitness gurus show snippets of their workout in which they don't drop a bead of sweat. So great to see you give it your all.

  4. Aaah, strawberries are so expensive in Ireland and Raspberries are cheap. Then again; it's always cold and raining here…..On the upside it's really hard to find beef that's not grass-fed because we've so much farming

  5. i have hormone issues (low thyroid) and issues with binging carbs. i tried intuitive eating for a few weeks which helped me to not binge but i still felt very tired (i think because of my hormones). after watching your videos i'm going to try paleo + intuitive eating. the only thing that will be hard for me is giving up dairy, even though i know its so unhealthy

  6. if u make ur dog an emotional service dog (its like $25 off of amazon) u can't take your dog anywhere no matter what. im renting a house right now and i made my dog an emotional service dog so now i can keep her and my landlord can't do anything about it lol

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