23 thoughts on “Strength & Power Indoor Cycling Workout – 40 Minute High Intensity Training

  1. Struggled to make this work initially: 60rpm on highest gear had heart rate going down, 100rpm on easier gear had it going up. In end experimented with 65rpm and suddenly felt the burn, so play around slightly with values to find your effective levels.

  2. Greeting to such great channel i've just start to use your videos for training as I've build a DIY rollers of course using your video also but I'm asking if there is something like a schedule to follow using this great videos like which one before the other and so one

    Thanks once again

  3. These videos are paying off! I went from a DNF in my first race to 20th out of 37 riders in my last race! It was only a six week difference and I am still feeling massive improvements since then. I can't wait for my next race! #teamgcn

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