Twist Waist Torsion Disc Board Aerobic Exercise Fitness Reflexology Magnets Balance Board Exercise Equipment (Blue)

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An easy and fun way to aid weight loss just in time for summer.
This Waist Twisting board is a simple and fun way to help slim down your waist, tone your legs, thighs, Abs and firmer Glutes.
The disc will help with your posture and build your core strength.
The twist disc also has built in reflexology magnets will aid in body fat reduction.

Fun & Simple weight loss aid
Textured surface has a massaging effect
Helps slim down your waist, tone your legs, thighs, Abs and firmer Glutes
Non slip base for safety
Portable design meaning it can be stored easily

Package including:
1 x Waist Twisting DiscSize: 25cm x 3cm
Twist your way to slimmer abs, hips and thighs, Stimulates blood circulation; Massages the feet
Precision ball-bearing ride for smooth, fluid motion, High-impact, rotating platform provides a vigorous form of aerobic exercise
Effectively burns calories and combines the benefits of aerobic exercise with reflexology
Ideal training aid for golf, rugby, football, tennis, surfing, cricket, bowling, skiing, snowboarding etc

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