14 thoughts on “21 Day Fix Workout Plan with 2 DVD’s 7 Workouts and Nutrition Plan with Albany Irvin

  1. there is absolutely nothing special about this, and I wouldn't be surprised if they, like many photoshop the before and afters, because eating food and doing silly 30 minute workouts will never produce results like that in 21 days. what a joke… Beachbody knocks out another sucker punch for consumers who get screwed.

  2. This program works. But, to be honest, just eating healthy and working out for 30 minutes a day works too. That's really all this is. Though, I do admit their chocolate Shakeology is delicious. I've lost 10 pounds already.

  3. This program really works, I ordered this through my beach body coach and within 21 Days I lost 15 lbs and then decided to become a 21 day fix coach to help others like my coach helped me.  If you want to meet real people doing this program an seeing their results contact me at my link below and I can add you to the wonderful support groups to help you stay motivated for success.


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