11 thoughts on “Intense Cardio Circuit & Strength Training Workout using the Rebounder-Dumbell Weights-Floor Space

  1. Love Angie @AngieFitnessTV. Of the three exercises I've done with you Angie, this is my least favorite. I think because there is less Rebounder and that is what I want to do now. Love the weights though. Question: Why is it that I cannot do jumping jacks (or any other floor exercises) when switching from the rebounder to the floor? (carpet)… My legs feel like stone.

  2. Rebounded all the cardio moves and the weight training intervals were great. You say some people like you and some dislike you…. and some of us LOVE you, Angie. Can't wait for the walking/rebounding videos and please review your new rebounder.

  3. As I was getting ready I was "not feeling the rebounder today. " HA! New video annnndddd its rebounding. I am SUPER glad I did it. That was just the right level. I am so addicted to your channel and it is because it's different workouts and you seem to just time things crazy perfect. 💃💃👍👍💃💃

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