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Introducing the Aquila Active Massage ball and therapy instructions for deep tissue relief. Just as other mini balls help to self-heal tissues, give myofascial release to trigger points and increase blood supply, our products come with instructions to also reduce muscle fatigue, promote flexibility and enhance performance at sport (used by elite athletes and recommended by physiotherapist and Doctors alike) and the desk-job! Your Lacrosse ball/yoga has therapeutics strength to help your IT band, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, shoulders, neck and so much more.. Try our tennis elbow and golfers elbow techniques if these trouble you. This physical therapy self-massage tool is just the beginning of your journey with Aquila Active. All our advice and education is TOTALLY FREE to our customers. * Allow our physio expert warm up, stretching and posture correction advice to put you in the drivers seat. * we want you to understand your muscles better – why they ache, how to stop that. * We will teach you how you heal and strengthen gradually – the real tools behind recovery. * It’s all in our web based advice blogs, sheets and videos! * If our products and advice do not help we 100% guarantee to work more with you or give you the money back. * Our service is so much more than a rubber ball, it puts you in the driving seat of your recovery We are tried and tested, with over 20 years of physiotherapy experience there are countless grateful customers, and we guarantee our product’s robustness to your lifetime. Take advantage of our limited time offer and buy your massage ball plus so much more, NOW!This Lacrosse ball, these massage balls, are the perfect therapy for foot, back, trigger point pain
The acupressure tp massage ball technique is explained by Aquila Active
The deep tissue massage balls treat feet, hands, deep tissue and plantar fasciitis
Use the massage ball as roller for all muscles calves, quads, hamstrings with instruction; comes with expert physiotherapy advice and exercises
The manufacturer’s warranty and guarantee for this product is only valid if the product is purchased through an authorised seller

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