41 thoughts on “Minister EnQi Wsir C.P.T., S.N. Vegan Mass Weight Gainer for Muscle Gain Smoothie

  1. enqi Dr Sebi says Moringa isnt natural! it is an hybrid plant that does the same thing as Carrots. And for that hybrids= starch = compromise the cell membrane! is just what Dr Sebi said. So why using hybrid foods? let me know what u think bro

  2. Enki.do u have a video on herbs?Sarsaparilla , chagamushroom chunks , goji berries soupsop, burdock root bladderwack , seamoss figs , dates, maca powder , moringa , ashwaganda etc.. ? And

  3. Yes…….Thank you brother MinsterEnQi for all that you contribute to the community. I have been searching for 40yrs for a healthy weight gaining regime. Most people say, "girl, eat some steak and potatoes, ice-cream because you are skinner than a toothpick…lol , but i don't eat that stuff. thank you my brother!

  4. Ok Enqui
    What else to do for cellulite aside from prune juice.. I need this stuff gone lol it's only on the upper thigh I've been vegan for two years I workout daily and it still won't go away 😩

  5. When Minister Enqi do videos like these he is one of the best teacher Hands down, he breaks everything down so you get enough info to know why u need or don't need n he gets to the point

  6. YO Minister EnQi, I see you are ate ALMONDS, and you mention ENZYMES from pineapples. I re-call Dr. Sebi saying almonds have cyanide and enzymes doesn't exist, I'm a bit confuse on whut I should do.

  7. Real rap right here. The fam has been going hard with shakes since the mid 2000's, and I can personally attest to the fact that after Enqi hit the scene, these companies started using his vernacular on their products. Coincidence? I doubt it. We personally create our own nut milks, and store them, which goes a long way economically as well. Enqi you should get the ball rolling for a deal with your own blender, George Foreman style. This is the wave of the future right here, and you can't have true revolution without the possession of true health. Would love to join the group, only we don't do Facebook. Appreciate the vids nonetheless. Stay true, and sucker free. Peace.

  8. I've come across some research into the gut microbiome recently. basically, it's showing that the gut bacteria dicates what your taste buds prefer. if your gut is proliferated with good bacteria, then your taste preferences will be for healthy foods.

    but if your gut is overrun with bad bacteria from a poor diet, then your taste preferences will be for crappy, nutrient poor foods. it also showed that we can change our taste preferences by eating fruits and vegetables, which causes the good bacteria to proliferate. the good bacteria feeds on the fiber in the fruits and vegetables.

    it's fascinating stuff.

  9. Minister Enqi, this is Benjamin Towett from Kenya, currently in New Orleans… I appreciate all the work you're doing for our people.. I've learnt so much from your videos and I've been sharing them with everyone.. what's the name of the song you play at the beginning? How can I contact you?

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