9 thoughts on “Plan With Me! Weight Watchers Weekly Menu Planner on The Happy Planner (PointsPlus Program)

  1. SO love your vid… I have recently started the new plan and I must say I love it… I stumbled apon your vid looking for ideas and ways to plan meals… I have been doing W.W. for about 3 1/2 years now online and I have always done my planing the day before but I am now looking to plan for a week so I thank you for your ideas they will come in handy as I start planing my weeks ahead….. Thanks Again I look forward to more vids from you…

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss. Onederland!!! Woohoo!!! I have that same exact Happy Planner. I just recently bought a Silhouette portrait this past week and the first thing I made was weather stickers for my planner..lol..lol. I think its great you found a planning system that works for you. I'm still searching for something to work for me. I am thinking of rejoining WW but thought I'd wait until I hear how the new program is working.

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