35 thoughts on “2-Hours Epic Music Mix | THE POWER OF EPIC MUSIC – Full Mix Vol. 2

  1. This mix.. it makes me think a lot about life..

    -Nobody in this world is perfect.
    -Nobody is strong.
    -Nobody is weak.
    -Deep down, we all know that in the human race, almost everyone is a monster.
    -Being 'nice' is just a scam or cheap tactic to sugar coat the things you are capable of or have done.
    -When you sugar coat things, or lie to someone, it's basically the same feeling.
    -You feel guilt, despair.
    -So why bother trying to cover it up?
    -They did tell us to be ourselves all our lives, so why not do it right now?
    -Most of those people who 'smile' at everything you say? It's all fake.
    -The truth is, never trust anybody.
    -Everyone is your enemy at some point..
    -You get mad, they get mad, you fight.
    -It's a lose lose..
    -Why bother?
    -The more you try, the worse things get.
    -Stop trying.
    -It's.. sad..
    -The human race was capable of so many things, yet this is what we decided to use our talents on.
    -Making AI's that will eventually conquer this planet.
    -Distracting ourselves from the disgusting reality that we live and breathe.
    What has our world become, people!

  2. * Love is just a word *
    Until someone arrives
    For him Giving a Sense,
    ความรักเป็นเพียงคำพูด *
    الحب هو مجرد كلمة.
    حتى يأتي شخص ما
    بالنسبة له أن يشعر
    Arabic translation
    God blessing ,
    พระเจ้าให้ศีลให้พร ,
    الله نعمة ,

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