26 thoughts on “36-Min Total Body Workout- Tone Up & Boost Metabolism / Fat Blasting Workout 200-250 Calories

  1. This girl is simply perfect. Blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful smile and perfect body. Sweet and sexy. Absolutely gorgeous.😍😍😍Somebody knows her name. She has facebook, Instagram or something like this?

  2. I do my daily workout watching this. I don't understand how some ppl disliked this video !! SERIOUSLY??! what's really dislikable about the video plzz explain I need 113 answers !!

  3. hey gymra ! could you please suggest me some exercises which would help me . i'm a 13 year old girl. I'm good at sports . But yet I have a belly fat . I'm have an hourglass body shape . I'm 5'7 , I have a perfect upper body , a bit of fat around my thight but a lot of belly fat . I eat healthy, only i eat a lot of healthy carbs (rice) . what should i do to get thin ??

  4. tried this routine for close to 2 months and it was pretty affective. So wanted to try even more of this stuff.
    Tried checking online too, but couldn't find this trainer.
    what's the name of the instructor?
    And if possible please share even more videos of the same.

  5. This was harder than what I imagined it to be, but I did this routine a day after I did HIIT. I also jogged in place in between the first round of exercises to burn more calories.

  6. I am pretty fit already and was looking for something easy to do today because I wasn't in the mood to workout. This actually made me work and had me sweating like crazy. Awesome.

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