Resistance Band BALFER Exercise Training Assist Pull up Workout Bands Loop Heavy Duty for Stretching Strength Weight Training and Yoga – Single Band(Red, 15-35 lbs)

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Maximize Your Workout with Resistance Bands
You exercise hard. You train hard. Let BALFER resistance bands maximize your fitness training. Our professional-grade resistance bands and strengthen your muscles so you look, feel, and move better.
BALFER Resistance Bands integrate seamlessly into your workouts and rehabilitation exercises. Use them for strength training, cross-fit, stretching, or injury recovery. Our bands give you unlimited exercise options for a full-body workout, targeting every muscle without heavy equipment or advanced machinery.
Using BALFER resistance bands on a regular basis will get you maximum results with stronger and leaner muscles. Free weights and workout machines don’t always offer ideal resistance as gravity forces your weights down and reduces tension on your muscles. BALFER resistance bands never lose tension, forcing your muscles to keep working. Count on BALFER Resistance Bands to give you optimal resistance levels during every second of your workout.

More Muscle & Mobility Made Easy
BALFER Resistance Bands are the easiest, most effective training tool for stretching and toning specific muscle groups. Use BALFER resistance bands in hundreds of exercise variations to develop muscle strength and endurance, foster mobility during stretching, and speed up your pull-up progression.
Save time and money with a single band offering the same resistance levels as a dozen dumbbells. Simply adjust your foot or hand position to change the resistance level.

Our resistance bands are available in five tension levels:
#1 Red: 15 to 35 lbs.
#2 Black: 25 to 65 lbs.
#3 Violet: 35 to 85 lbs.
#4 Green: 50 to 125 lbs.

Package List:
1 X Red band (13mm)
Versatile & Heavy-duty – Ideal for dynamic workouts, pull up training, adding resistances to bench press, squats and Olympic lifts.
Safe & Top Quality – Pure 100% natural latex from Malaysia using our unique dip method. No added plasticisers, coagulants or fillers!
Better motion strength range, more complete stimulation – every part of the exercise has resistance with resistance band training to promoting muscle growth.
Build explosive strength – By using them in conjunction with barbells, dumbbells, and machines to provide progressive resistance during traditional exercises (squats, bench press, etc).
4 Different Resistance Levels – Sold as a single band or a 4-in 1 set. Red (15 to 35 lbs), Black (25 to 65 lbs), Violet (35 to 85 lbs), Green (50 to 125 lbs).