50 thoughts on “Total Body Strength and Resistance Training HIIT Workout with Weights, No cardio

  1. I liked it thanks! God Bless you in Jesus Christ name! He loves you a lot. Now I challenge you to read Romans chapter 10 verse 9. it's very helpful and life saving! also this exercise really counter strikes the arms! and I disliked jump squats, I think I might dislike push ups just as much lol

  2. I love your workouts. 2 things that stood out you should address is your side lunge row don't round the back which you adjust on the row and you shouldn't hit the dumbells when you chest press. If you repel strong enough the contraction in the chest will be stronger and it will prevent the dumbbells from clinking. Again love your workouts.

  3. Shelly I am crackers not up at your old metal dumbells…I have the same ones and cannot let go lol even though I also have interchangeable sometimes u need a quicker switch out πŸ™‚

  4. Yaaaaasssssss!!!!! I loved this one! Needed to sweat but wasn't up for cardio today- this was on point! Thanks so much for these amazing workouts. You are so inspiring to us fellow moms- it IS possible πŸ’ͺ🏻

  5. This was perfect!!! Glad I did my run first!! or there would have been no run!! My hamstrings are shouting!!! Great workout!! These are great on run days!!! Thanks Shelly. You always know what we need!!

  6. your hair looks cute shelly loved this workout got my friend today n was gonna sit today out but i fell asleep yesterday n i was like ugh i can't go 2 days without working out and its crazy before finding your channel i never was dedicated like i am now and I'm doing the whole30 I'm on day 5 and my energy feels a little low i guess because i normally eat more carbs but the weight is dropping already down 4 lbs is it possible anyway I'm sticking to it i keep saying its only 30 days l0l

  7. love the sequence you put together!! My gram was trying this with water bottles on a chair with modifications, but she's 85 and 16 at heart. Thanks Shelly! your new hair is so pretty too!

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