Burn calories and excess fat with this excellent 25-minute low-impact aerobics cardio exercise video. Although these exercises are low-impact, I promise you, …



  1. This is exactly what I was looking for. I retired three years ago and haven't worked out. I can't jump back into what I used to do. I plan to lose weight and get back into shape, but I can't start at the top. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Just found this today while looking for a workout since I didn't want to drive to gym in the rain.  I like the simplicity.  I can concentrate on exercise and not worry about tripping over my feet.

  3. Helpful information but the video would be much better with some good background music. The routine is pretty typical and a good one. It's just a little boring. This isn't meant to be unkind. I just like some music when I work out. Not really particular about what kind of music, just something to keep a beat.

  4. I love this workout!  It has been a go-to for me when I want a quick burst of energy or to lift my mood for a while now.  Thank you for posting it and just wanted to say how much I love your channel! – Denise

  5. Yay yay! 25 minutes today and did I sweat!! Is it okay to gulp water before and during exercise? I drank a lot post 25 minutes but was thirsty during the exercises too

  6. Third week now. Still can't make it to 25 minutes but doing something from this video everyday. Energy levels are better. I am enjoying this and one other video of yours and hope exercise becomes a daily habit. Thank you and God bless:)

  7. thanks so much for this workout. i used to do a couple of classes per week of higher impact stuff but for the last few years have got very lazy. i wrongly assumed i could go straight back into doing body attack etc which was far too much too soon and made me give up easily. i put a playlist on my ipod and do your workout and it's great for getting back into the swing of things. i hope to do this every weekday and move on to higher impct stuff when i am ready.

    thank you again 🙂

  8. I really enjoyed this video. I've been doing another video but like this one better as it's more intense. Your using and swinging your arms a lot more than the one I've been following.
    Your son did a nice job with this video!
    Do you happen to know how many miles this would be?
    Say I'm keeping up with you but not quite as powerful.
    I thought maybe 2 miles? I ask cause I track my exercises.
    Thanks again for another wonderful video. Now I'm off to work at your ab video.

  9. I am 300 lbs. and 6 ft. 2in. i really need good low impact work outs because i really want to get back in to shape.  Does anyone know if working out inside under air conditioning would be just as good caloric burn considering i wouldn't be sweating as much?

  10. thank you for the video! I intend to lose weight and I have been searching for some pleasurable and not complicated low impact videos 🙂 it's great to see somebody's real training, thanks!!!

  11. I like this video! Perfect for me, a beginner. Although it does get my heartrate up, it doesn't make me breathe too heavy (I have exercise induced asthma, so I have to be careful how hard I am breathing). Thank you!

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