50 thoughts on “Intense Epicness!!! The Best Music of Pirates of the Caribbean

  1. the new film lacks everything that was good about pirates of the carribean. it alck improv by cast, comdey at the right moments, epic ship battles, epic music, good characters and the film is really slow paced and boring and the stu[pid trident idea was rubbish they should have just redone the first 3 films but with salazar and it would be much better

  2. do you know where I can buy this music, I mean the EXACT version you have here? I go to download it from amazon, and they have like 93 versions of the first two songs, but they all suck; they are NOT the version you have here. help!

  3. I'm a contrabass player with the Fort Smith Symphony (Arkansas). We play selections from this score every spring for the Earquake children's concerts. They love it and so do the musicians. It's purely intense fun to play it, and see the kids' reactions.

  4. Childhood ftw! Favorite symphonic composer is Han Zimmer ( He composed this music ) and favorite movie character is Captain Jack Sparrow. Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales, 2017!!!! ( With the original cast, but keep your fingers crossed that the death bug doesn't bite any of them. )

  5. I was trying to make a Playlist of pirate music to play while I play Pirates of Everseas to replace the background music I always turn off, and this nails most of what I was looking for. Thanks! =D

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