31 thoughts on “BeFiT GO | Metabolic Surge -30 Minute Fat Burning Workout: Max Strength

  1. I am a fan of your videos. The videos are great. But too much repetition is boring and tends to become tiresome. Upto twice is okay but the thought of repeating the same sets 5 times demotivates. Its just a thought for u. M, INDIA, 30. BUT OVERALL YOUR VIDEOS ARE EXCELLENT. is it possibleshowing one model doing the entire exercise instead of using clips from different circuits and pasting together? If yes it will motivate viewers to go the extra mile along with the demonstrator instead of the thought of diff people are doing it so it mY not be possible for a single person at one stretch.

  2. OMG I DID IT!!!! The whole 30 minutes! Can't believe. I usually don't have the strength/willpower to do this long workouts on  youtube but now i killed it! So happy. Now I'm sweating more than ever haha. Thanks for the video!

  3. This is a great quick hit 30 minute workout but really it's about 27 minutes because you about two or three minutes of stretches at the end with ab work. I found that the Burpee job I did a little faster than him and it made to work out more intense throughout. I recommend for those already in shape you go slightly faster on some of your plyometric moves. Fantastic workout!

  4. I had to modify the plank walks and remind myself to switch my lead arm.  The last 10 minutes were the hardest part for me. I would have liked a little more ab work at the end.   I finished though!  Not bad for a 53 year old broad:)

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