10 thoughts on “Intense Full Body Strength & Cardio HIIT Workout – Travel Workout # 2

  1. Way to make a workout with what you were provided! / Subbed! Check out my channel to watch my journey to Canadian Powerlifting Nationals and to the Natural Bodybuilding Stage in California July 2016!

  2. efficient use of them bottles could do with something like this for when am in hotels..on the move workout and quads are coming on 👌 great video keep at it..Prague looks awesome..wouod love to go..hope you enjoy it what's the occasion ? liked

  3. This Monday I am sharing one of my Hotel workouts when we were in Prague. It is relatively short and intense. We used water bottle as resistance to train the entire body. You may not use a lot of resistance in this workout but you will feel the burn afterwards. Hopefully you guys like this workout and as always don't forget to share, like, comment, and subscribe for more 🙂

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