40 thoughts on “Workout Music 2016 – Pump Up Music

  1. Just had a fantastic workout. I'm doing good. Need to loose more weight. The lyrics is making me gain more weight. So I re-vamped my diet ( eating habits.) And my exercise routines. My sister ( thank you!!) Got me a fit bit. I'm using it while I workout. I have a count system to get in my daily steps plus some extra steps. Thank you workout music steps for this video and I also did the pump up vol. 2. Doing both allowed me to get more steps in and more calories burned. My feet hurt from nueropathy, but I workout through the pain. I feel it could be worse. I'm hoping this works to get me to loose 40-60 pounds. I would like to weigh 120 pounds. But I'll settle for 140 pounds my height is 5' 1" in height. I feel so good getting it done early in the morning. Please never take these two videos down ( pump up the vol. Two & pump up the music. Thank you!!!!

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