48 thoughts on “45 Min Total Body Strength Workout for Women & Men – Home Weight Training Full Body Dumbbell Workout

  1. Amazing workout – I had all my weights out for this one! Even substituted a kettlebell for the one leg deadlifts! I am now starting to see results. It's been around 2 months of doing your workouts 5 times a week. My body has been used to the same old circuit training of doing F45 for the last 2 years and I was constantly suffering injury as it was eating away at my muscle. Since starting hasfit those problem area's of my body are going and im finding I have better hip mobility. Thank you so much for the professional workouts. I have told a few of my friends and after a few workouts one of my friends cancelled her gym membership, went out and bought hand weights and is now doing your workouts.

  2. You guys rock! The plank shoulder push ups…truly was a killer. And I loved the page opener stretch! I've decided to stick with your channel 90 days…and disregard other workout channels for now. I will also donate to you guys every five pounds that I lose. I need to lose 40 pounds or so……Thank you for having positive attitudes, excellent motivation and unique combinations. You guys are a great team! God bless!

  3. Coach, I had a question on how I should choose weights and reps for this. Should I be aiming to reach failure on the 8th rep for every set in each of these exercises and choose a heavier weight accordingly ? Or in case I don't reach failure on the 8th rep with the weights I use, should I continue reps until I reach failure ?

  4. This was a great workout! I usually go straight to the Tabata or all over body workouts so this was a nice change!πŸ˜€ Thank you for providing amazing workouts and being so positive during each workout!! I've tried different programs and I quickly get bored with the same things. With Hasfit I'm never bored because of the huge variety you provide and I'm still loving the workouts I've done and find myself coming back to them over and over again!!

  5. Thank you coach and claudia. i have been doing this workout everyday for more than a week, with rest days and i can feel my self getting a bit stronger. Claudia, thanks for counting. And coach, thanks for talking throughout about the benifits as well as about doing the sets correctly. maybe you need to put a tougher version for strength training soon!

  6. Love these workouts!!! I travel a lot and having the ability to do a workout in my room as opposed to going down to the gym in the hotel keeps me motivated to workout as some hotel gyms are just not equipped or you don't want to worry about looking "okay" just to leave your room. Love the moves, your motivational words, and your partnership. Found out through family and have already told anyone willing to listen. Thank you!!!

  7. I DID IT! It was a good one. Just a few months ago I bought 1Kg hand weights, and I used them together with 2Kg ones I already have. In this workout I was holding on to two hand weights in each hand, so I went out and bought a 4Kg set today. I'm pretty amazed at my progress! THANK YOU Claudia and Coach Kozak! I still have a way to go with push ups though. I will get there!

  8. I love these longer videos – thank you guys for all the content you put out to help so many people out there. I haven't found anything else that's as comprehensive, really well thought out and designed for so many types in mind. I know that I can open up a video and learn the right way to do things, why I'm doing those things, etc. And you're positive and fun! THANK YOU! LOVE YOU!

  9. I'm not the most fit for sure, but I was able to get through this one. It was a struggle, but I made it through. Day one after wasnt bad, but day 2 has kicked my ass. You mentioned recovery time sometime, whether in this video or another one… ANYWHO, any tips for helping recovery and how to overcome it? Because for me it feels like I can't do any more workouts I tried even yesterday but my thigh was killing me. Is it best not to push yourself or do you need to power through those moments? Not quite sure what to do! Thanks for all the great workouts!

  10. That was a great workout! I can already tell my upper body will be sore tomorrow!! Will do this again on Thursday!! You guys are the best and you still look cute after your workout anyway! πŸ€—πŸ˜‰

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