46 thoughts on “HIIT the Ground Running – 33 Min High Intensity Interval Training for Endurance & Total Body Toning

  1. Honestly one of the hardest things I've ever tried. Props to this guy he is a true beast! Today was my first time trying this and it fully killed me. I reccomend it tho! And I'm definitely doing this again!

  2. I think i have completed every single HIIT workout from your channel but this was defenitely the hardest! Im sweating like mad but feelin great! Trank you Kelly and Daniel

  3. Never give up. First time I did HIIT I vomited and barely made through with proper form, 6 months later this video is a breeze. (Not really xD but it's significantly easier than before)

  4. Whole HIIT –> With GAS MASK

    Hardest thing i ever done in my life, there was only 1 rule – never to take off the mask-.
    No water breaks ( you cant drink water with your mask on)

    After doing this insane HIIT with a mask i must say that i now appreciate air much more!

  5. decided to do this workout right after i finished the "Intense at Home HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout" and felt like i could do a little more…wow was that tough! but worth it..i earned both workout completes!

  6. 10 seconds of Mountain Climbers: piece of cake

    20 seconds: Uhh that pushed me harder, but not very dificult, I'm fine

    30 seconds: FUCK this is much harder than I expected, shit

    40 seconds: just kill me already…

  7. I did very sloppy jumps at the end and my face god so red just like him, but finished whole workout!!! My body condition has been so nice this week, this feels so goooooooood

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