45 thoughts on “Fat Blasting Booty Builder – HIIT Cardio and Strength Training Workout

  1. My inner thigh muscle is sprained and my obliques are really sore… but I wanted to do this workout anyway. … is that a good idea or not?
    Plus it's already scheduled on my FB calendar 👍

  2. I completedddd ittttt!! Used 2 litre bottles for weights as I can't find my dumbells. Love the yoga at the end. Enjoyed this! Didn't feel burning but my legs and ass felt like jelly. Aaaand the sweat!!! Loving it. Can't wait to do another one tomorrow 🙂

  3. Did this workout yesterday . It was hard but I enjoy doing it . I felted brilliant after I finished it and the sweaty was unreal. I did this workout as part of Fb30 routine . Another brilliant workout you guys rock

  4. QUESTION?? Do you guys have any advice whether or not someone should eat before a morning workout?

    Another WORKOUT COMPLETE! Cant think of a better way to get my day started.

  5. Awesome workout,it would be great if you did more of these types of workouts-strength with hiit intervals,perfect to spice up regular strength workouts,but not so intense like basic hiit where your legs literarlly fall off!

  6. I love your workouts! They are so effective…I've been doing your workouts for about two months and it's awesome the amount of changes I notice on my body so far. I tried a lot of exercises before, here on youtube but now that I found your chanel I finally got the right exercises for me. Thank you very much for keeping this workouts free.

  7. Hey Kelly, I love your workouts, thank you so much for making this video. I am a bit confused about the deadlifts though, cause I dont feel them at all. I keep a slight bend on my knees and the only muscle I feel is my upper back. Pretty sure I am doing something wrong, but if I look at how you do it and how I do it it's pretty similar. I keep the weight on my heels, my back straight and I don't round up my shoulders. Any suggestions?

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