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✔Unique and Dynamic Resistanc:

The main advantage to the product is its unique and dynamic resistance quality. The movements work to enhance your triceps, shoulders, biceps, and even your chest so that you can develop the toned and firm arms that you are aiming for.

✔Fat Burning Qualities: 

Since you’ll be exerting energy, you can also expect to make significant strides when it comes to burning fat and calories.The system helps you torch even the most stubborn of calories so that your body taps into the fat reserves, thereby slimming your body down. 

✔Chest and Back Support: 

Aside from focusing on your arms, this program also provides you with stellar back and chest support. With the chest support, you’ll notice your breasts attain a lift that you thought was long gone. Also, your back will look toned, smooth ,and muscular so that you can wear whatever you like in complete confidence.

✔No Joint Pain and Quick Results: 

Finally, this device helps you develop the arms that you’ve always wanted, all without having to deal with joint pain.You’ll also notice your body develop almost instant results as the device helps build the firm and strong arms that you’ve been striving for.

Training goal:

General Fitness

Body weight reduction / Fatburn

Body shaping / Tightening of the tissues

Strength training

Cardio vascular training

Package included: 

1X Fitness Machine. 

3X Silicone Ring. 

Perfect for all fitness levels. 

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RESISTANCE ARM BAND SYSTEM-Includes 3 resistance bands,Provides 18 pounds of resistance for both in and out motions as well as works your back muscles for an isolated exercise which is more effective than lifting weights on their own.
CAN BE USED BY ANYONE-Another great quality to this device is that it can be used by Man and Female Universal,You also do not need to worry about supplementing the exercises you perform with an additional device that can cost you hundreds of dollars. At just the low cost of this device, you can achieve great results with ease.
SCULPT ARMS & LIFT BREASTS-Get sleek, firm, and sexy arms and shoulders! it is the breakthrough fitness sensation that helps you eliminate that flabby problem area under your arms.
JUST 10 MINUTES A DAY-Use for just 10 minutes a day, three to four days a week, to tighten your muscles, including your pectorals that naturally lift your breasts, while firming your biceps and triceps to tone your upper arms.
EASY STORAGE OR TRAVEL-Compact design folds,portable,durable,lightweight,you can take wonder arms anywhere you go.Use it around the house, at the office, or pack it in your suitcase. The wonder arms fits your schedule.