8 thoughts on “Dead by Daylight 1.1.2! | Meg’s Workout Plan for Rank 1! | 1080p 60FPS!

  1. Kang you should read a martial hero novel named The Deer and the Cauldron. It is the most famous martial art and historical fiction novel written by Jin Yong. Kangxi Emperor is one of the most important characters in the book.

  2. Hey guys what would you think of a killer armed with a ranged weapon? Apart from the primary melee weapon, the killer's special ability would be being able to shoot arrows at survivors with a longbow. Each successful hit would count as one health state. The killer would start off with one or two arrows, and would be rewarded an extra one for every survivor he successfully hooks (not kills). I just thought of this because I was wondering what it would be like to have a killer that can strike from a distance, since all previous killers have to be up close to attack, and how this new game mechanic would lead to new tactics and strategies for both the killer and the survivors.

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