34 thoughts on “24 Minute Pilates for the Abs and Legs – Free Pilates Workout Videos by Fitness Blender

  1. This is a great workout. To those asking if this is for women too, I can definitely say yes! It's fantastic for targeting the gluts and has just the right amount of abs in it. I do this routine everyday, though sometimes change it up for the Swiss ball routines from fitness blender.

    Also, I had a break from working out after an operation for several months. Afterwards I was feeling sluggish and worried that the routine would hurt too much in the beginning. It was absolutely fine, there is advice along the way in terms of how to dial down the intensity and good stretching at the end. No exercise hangover the next day! I'm now back to my daily habit of 2 mile run followed by this routine.

    Based on my experience with this routine, as an average to low fitness person with a come and go attitude to exercise (3 months on, 6 months off…naughty!), I would recommend a 15 minute warm up before doing this workout, because it reduces the chance of aches and pains the next day. I would also recommend a pillow for neck support for some of the exercise. I remember pulling my neck doing the hundreds at one point last year, so watch out for that one.

  2. Thank you FitnessBlender guys. Your workouts are great. Do you do any fully matt-based cardio workouts? I'm unable to stand or walk at the moment and some cardio work in addition to the Pilates I've been doing would be awesome.

  3. When doing one of your HIIT routines, what do you guys recommend as far as drinking water? Is some during the 10 second or longer breaks okay or should water wait until the end of the workout? I know it can weigh you down, especially when you're doing high intensity exercises, but it seems like when I start sweating I get super thirsty!

  4. I love the pilates routines. It is nice to break a sweat but just because you don't doesn't mean you did not work out. Thanks FB for the lower impact routines. I love these because I live on a 3rd floor apt, and I hate to disturb my neighbor with my jumping.

  5. We do workouts for every fitness level – from very beginner, to very advance. Not every workout that we publish is going to be killer because everyone has to start somewhere and we feel like no one should be excluded from the chance to be fit. If you go to our website, workouts are rated on a scale of 1-5 difficulty, and that will give you a better idea of whether or not a workout is hard enough for you.

  6. I can say to those who pressed the UNLIKE button.: You are just idiots disturbing not only yourself but more causing DAMAGE to others who wants to be teached.As a Pro i can say: Forget Pilates.Those are Ground exercises for CORE and Legs,But for everyone who dont have preciouse time to go to GYM for Functional training.Doing it rightly how Here will bring you to EDGE!!Keep Good Job coleagues!!! And all who wants to be in Shape:Just follow it for a time and youll be pleased surprised;-)

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