45 thoughts on “30 Min Workout without Weights – HASfit Exercises without Weights – Work Out without Equipment

  1. Sir! Please guide me, I am 27 age men, my day start with water therapy then after 45min, I am planning to do exercise for 1hours for everyday by following your 2 these videos. First video is this https://youtu.be/T1HNv5zA75s and second video is this one. I am struck because, By doing both exercise continuously, Will it hurts or destroy my body ?

  2. cooped up in a cabin, this workout got me feeling good and breathing heavy in the living room! will be coming back to this workout again. Your motivational words really helped me, especially when you said "you clicked on this video on purpose, not by accident" so true!

  3. My husband pressed the off instead of snooze and we didn't get up at 5:525am to go to our garage cross fit group, so I found this. It was great for inspiration. Good pacing. I added one legged squats going down our alley and jumping jacks!

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