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  1. (sry for double post already posted this on the hyper alpha male)
    holy fucking shit i am a skinny guy, i havent done any type of working out cus im busy studying for my finals, i looped this one and the recent "hyper alpha male" while sleeping. ive literaly grown overnight, i feel every muscle in my body has grown and it has, my biceps are bigger and fuller, i feel my back muscles forming, my chest too. i even woke up and did a lot of push ups like it was nothing, for a skinny guy like me i couldnt do maby before getting really tired
    im seriously scary about possible negative side efects of the too much testosterone and HGH

  2. +Ex Body transformations subliminals
    I don't know what you put into this one and the "EXTREME HYPER ALPHA MALE" video but holy hell dude. I have used these 2 for about 1-2 days now (with a Curt Subs booster or two) and I have noticed results already. I am visibly losing body fat meanwhile maintaining my weight and I look great already! I have been working on my posture a lot as of late and these videos are keeping everything in place after a good long stretch and my poster has never been better… in just 2 days… Also it isn't just visible strength! I know this is going to sound odd and foolish but I feel like I have way better control over my actions and my limbs. My arms feel lighter and I don't struggle as much as I did lifting things around the house (I am moving things around) and I feel almost like I am floating when walking because of the ease of taking each step.

    I am going to keep on keepin on with this and hopefully report back with more details and what I have been doing.

  3. Please make one on hair regrowth on bald hairline

    Like in one of your vids you show muscles popping out , kinda do the same with hair if you can
    Thanks for these awesome vids btw 🙂

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