Fitness Professional Success:10 Step Success Guide For Personal Trainers Starting Off In A Corporate Gym: 10 Step Success Guide For Personal trainers Starting … personal training sales, exercise)

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Are you being thrown into the wolves at your gym? Does your management team lack a sense of vision, and therefore can’t help develop you as a trainer? Are you having trouble closing a sale? Do you feel like your interrupting gym members when you approach them on the floor? Do you find it hard building your client base? Are you trying to make a living doing what you love? Are your clients not seeing results? Are they taking you seriously as a professional? Does it seem as though you want your client’s goals more than they do? Having a hard time designing the right exercise program for your clients?

Despite what people may say about the personal training field, you and other fitness professionals are in high demand. With our current health crisis on the rise, personal training is no longer a luxury, its a necessity. Those who struggle with being healthy and fit, would much rather do this through a holistic approach with diet and exercise. It’s your duty as a fitness professional to help guide people who are lost and don’t know where to start. You want to help people which is why you become a fitness professional in the first place, right?

You probably don’t have a real development system in place being that management in the modern gyms only care about bottom line and not so much your skills as a trainer. In these conditions it’s understandable to feel discouraged about your role but before you start thinking about looking for other work, I encourage you to refer to this guide as your tool to succeed in your gym.

Whether you’re new to the field or your are an experienced trainer, and may need to sharpen your tools, this guide will offer effective strategies that have been successfully utilized in all aspects relating to being successful in booking your client base, client results, and retention. (Note that this book is specifically for personal trainers working for a corporate gym but even if you are running your own gym or plan on running your own gym, the content in this book will give you the skills, habits, and secrets necessary to run a successful business)

Here is a preview of the useful topics you will learn..

  • Professionalism
  • Floor pulling strategies
  • Initial marketing
  • Personal training sales techniques
  • Various sales and marketing scripts
  • How to get your client’s results
  • Fitness assessments
  • and much more!

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