50 thoughts on “Zumba Dance Fitness zumba Tae Bo Fast Weight Loss

  1. How much of this video is too much? I believe I should exercise every single day. I'm a slim 22 year old male. This is the seventh day doing this workout. It's very addictive. I already feel more energetic and I could have sworn I have gotten skinnier than I already am. Also, any recommendations so I don't get bored with this workout say a month down the line and stop exercising? Thanks people. Have a nice day folks!

  2. Hey this is something I didn't read about in Tashiana Sethlin's One Month Diet. Still, it's something very similar. Google her to see what I mean, I think you can still download her book for free.

  3. This is my first time I finished a complete Billy Blanks video haha I was about to give up and then the Cool Down Stretching started! I did itttttt. I'll continue doing thiiisss. I feel so good after the exercise 💙👊

  4. started last summer and for a week you will see the results! REally FAST! plus that it's enjoyable, i do it in my room on my own. with my own mix of songs, just follow the steps. u will sweat a lot, i could firstly bear like only 14 minutes of whe whole video, but sowly i reached till the end

  5. I just started it 2day this is my first time ever doing any of this exercizes but I had a blast it was fun and all the other exercises I've been doing they got me to where I did lose weight but I'm stuck in a rut and no matter how much I improvise my other exercizes I do and they just don't seem to work so I'm trying this now and hopefully within a few weeks I will be able to get out of my rent thank you Billy so much I had so much fun and I look forward to doing it again tomorrow God bless and good luck to everybody

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