20 thoughts on “Phil Heath’s 30-Minutes to Massive Legs Workout For MASS (2017)

  1. Why everyone hating on Phil? If he can yield results that win Sandows with the minimum damage to his body, why not? He's not a powerlifter, he's a bodybuilder. What was it that Lee Haney used to say? 'Stimulate, don't annihilate.' Phil's going for 10 titles. He's playing the long game (and wants to be remain mobile when he retires). Ronnie was a beast and shifted insane weight, but he's now in bits. Dorian trained blood-and-guts style which eventually took its toll and forced him into retirement with injury. And we all know what happened to Jean Pierre Fux with heavy squatting. And regardless of how he trains, his legs don't lie. They're huge, Mr O winning wheels.

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