29 thoughts on “Upper Body Strength Training and Core Workout – Abs and Upper Body Supersets

  1. I love how Daniel keeps saying: keep those lungs open, keep breathing, don't forget to breathe, don't hold your breath, etc. Very useful, since I constantly hold my breath and I don't even notice until he reminds me not to do it 🙂 Thanks for another great workout, guys!

  2. I like this because I didn't break much of a sweat. I did some brutal HIT yesterday, so literally and physically exhausting my entire body- now I can cool down, but also have a nice sweat, meanwhile targeting my abs, and arms. It was nice, Thank you!

  3. I found this workout to be more difficult the second time I did it than it was the first time (a few months ago). I couldn't figure out why, as I've been training regularly. I think it all comes down to form. My form had improved — my body wasn't cheating to make the exercises easier as it probably had the first time. I was doing the sets properly — the motions were very controlled and I was correctly targeting the muscles I was supposed to. Once I figured that out, I congratulated myself on accomplishing a tough workout!

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