37 thoughts on “Brutal Butt & Thigh Workout – 30 Minute Lower Body Sculpting – Drop it Like a Squat!

  1. I have done this workout probably 10+ times now and I am so satisfied by how much I've grown. I used to not be able to finish one whole round of the jump squats and lateral jumps. Now I can do it with (somewhat) ease. I started with 20 pound squats and 30 pound dead lifts. Now I can squat 30 pounds with Kelly and dead lift 50 pounds.
    If you're just starting, keep with it and I promise you will grow. It's hard at first and you will be so so sore, but embrace it! It's sooo worth it!
    Thanks FitnessBlender

  2. I did 15 minutes of it yesterday and I did not feel any sore but just tiredness. I just finished the rest of it and still dont feel anything in my butt just a lil discomfort in my thighs but not too much. however, I will still be doing this with my 5kg dumbbells and see how it goes.

  3. So I did this video today, and I wasn't feeling very sore by the time I got to the cool down and stretch, so I decided to add 20 lunges and 20 Bulgarian split squats. 12 hours later, and I can barely walk. I can tell I'm going to be extremely sore tomorrow. Will use this one often!

  4. after a complete lifestyle change and 40 lbs weight loss, I got lazy–started eating bad and exercising less…Today I got back "on the wagon". Thanks to you both for being there when it's time to get back on track!!!

  5. I am doing this workout every two day (for about 4 weeks) – it is working – my cellulite is much less visible and my butt shape is better 🙂 I love workouts from Fitness Blender Regards from Poland

  6. LOVE your channel you guys! I have a hard time with the curtsy lunges. Hope traditional lunges will do for this exercise!! its incredible. I would avoid strength training so much and only ever focused on cardio. your videos and sincerity have really helped changed the way i think about exercising! THANK YOU so so much

  7. I have trouble feeling the burn with deadlifts, and it seems to strain my back. I have scoliosis so I have to be a little more careful. My form must be off but I can't figure out what exactly it is

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