39 thoughts on “Day 4 – Intense Muscle Shredding Power Yoga Workout – 7 Day Power Yoga Challenge #7dayyogachallenge

  1. your workouts got better and better, i know it's hard to make them new and challenging but somehow you did it, i love them! and it feels great and easy working with you!

  2. Sean, the CC master. I'm on day 4! This is my official comeback as a dad now. FYI the challenges have helped the muscles I need to carry and care for my baby, so no back ache or anything of the sort. Keep up and wish focus to you this new year.

  3. When I read the comments, I have to admit…..I was more than a little frightened!! I made it through this workout….some of my moves were not the prettiest…..but I ended with a bucket of sweat pouring out of me and an elevated heart rate!! I'm trying to build my core for back strength….and I hope this helps in time!! Wowza! Thanks for the challenge to this 49 year old lady who refuses to give in to the aging process!! See you tomorrow….if I survive after this!! ; )

  4. Best Damn Sequencing in the universe Sean . This is day 4 for me . I have saved my comments up . I loved the crow today . It has been a while but it still is in my wheelhouse . Yeah !!! Muscle confusion on a scale of 1 to 10 . I give it an 11 . He he . SeanVigueFitness you are the best ! Never boring , always fun !

  5. It was very fun. The warrior 3… loved it. Chair and buda very nice too, but triangle and the push up very hard and doesnt feel very organic. Ill try that again later this week. Thanks so much, greetings from Texas

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