1. Did this in the gym today and was absolutely SWEATINGGGGG! Loved it Tally. Also, I know you probably take it as given, as it is your profession, but you are so bloody motivational! I wish all PTs/instructors had your energy and positivity.. if they did pretty sure I'd have an 8 pack by now! Haha xx

  2. Hi Tally, just wanted to say that you are a really awesome personal trainer. I don't usually follow peoples workout videos but this was the most productive gym session I've had in a long time. The way you motivated me during the workout was not like a generic personal trainer, instead you said encouraging words that I really needed to hear, I felt like you were in the room with me. Very inspiring, be proud of your achievements, you have a real talent. x

  3. Couldn't make it to the gym today so this home workout was just perfect! Love how you mixed it up by including a HIIT circuit and a strength one! More workouts with a similar structure would be ace! Xx

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