28 thoughts on “Biceps and Triceps Superset Strength Workout – Upper Body Strength Routine

  1. fitness blender is better then most of this other stuff out here, great people just wanting people to succeed and not to take their money to see them succeed, I'm with fitness blender all the way.

  2. Used 2.5 kg and 5 kg (5,5lbs – 11lbs) dumbbells on this. I only started to train my arms for strength, hopefully I'll be able to lift a bit more in a few weeks. Nice workout, did the 'Upper Body Active Stretch Workout – Arms, Shoulder, Chest and Back Stretching Exercises' afterwards, now I feel tired as *. Feels good though, I guess I'll get used to this…

  3. I love you guys.  I am a chick & I used lighter weights 8, 6 & 3.  I am losing weight & the  under arm wings…UGH!!!! So this let's me concentrate on that specific area, triceps.  Plus, I have rotator cuff issues & starting out lighter, helps with PT for the cuffs.  To build up to heavier weights later.

  4. and what if you dont have a bench? This workout is designed mainly of people with benches. 2nd set and I am like "okkkkkkk…how do I get my own bicep elongated?"

  5. I love these superset workouts, but I would like to see Kelly do more of these.  As a woman, it's nice to see what amounts of weight another woman would chose for these strength trainings.  I know I shouldn't just do what you do, but it helps to have a gauge for motivation.

  6. A great workout for my arms. cheers guys. I'm an ex bodybuilder and you pretty much corrected all my form faults in this that I used to do regularly lol. Cheers again.

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